Full stack web developer Ukraine

We are developing next-generation digital advertising and analytics using modern and powerful web technologies (Node.js, Redis, AngularJS, Java and Elasticsearch) and everyone in the ecosystem is passionate about learning and using new web trends and technologies.

We would like to add to our team «full-stack» developers who are competent to develop both front-end and server applications, and who will work to establish the connection of our UI / UX team with digital advertising and analytics platforms. Our main expectation from our new members joining the technical team is that our business development and design team will be able to integrate fully functional digital advertising (Adwords, Facebook Ads, Adroll, Doubleclick, Criteo) and analytics platforms (Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Woopra) conversion to systems.

Besides developing the design with front-end technologies, developing the data interfaces (RESTful APIs) that this design will need on the server side and linking the two parts in a harmonious way is also an important part of this role. To this end, the interfaces and data services of the pan- standards development, testing for all connections, debugging and systematization are expected in this role. The limited time and resources provided in the business plan play a key role in this role.

What we are looking for:

o Market Experience at Computer Engineering diploma or equivalent level

o Experience of back-end software development with +2 years web technologies (Java, Python and Node.js preferred)

o Good level JavaScript MVC framework experience: (preferably AngularJS or React)

o Experience in application development with digital advertising (preferably Adwords) and analytics platforms (preferably Google Analytics)

o Having good knowledge about web architecture and parts: MVC paterni, ajax, restful services, session & cookie management, cacheting

o Communicate directly with the design and business development team and translate incoming requests and designs into fully functional solutions

o It is imperative to know ENGLISH since there is constant communication with our overseas companies.

Preference Features:

o Experience of in-memory database technologies and session management technologies (preferably Redis)

o NoSQL database experience (MongoDB or PostgreSQL json experience preferred)

o Development experience with server-side functional languages (preferably Node.js or Scala)

o Experience in analytical practice on Large Data Technologies (preferably Elasticsearch)

o Application development experience on cloud platforms (reason for AWS preference)

Personal requariments:

o responsibility (doing work in time and on high level)

o being reliable

We are sure that the best developers are in Ukraine.

send your CV with coverung letter to: kiev@adquality.net

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